Research Interests: Molecular Biophysics

Thermo-structural studies of bio-molecules and amphiphilic aggregates in aqueous medium:

- Amphiphilic aggregates used as model membranes or bio-carriers for drugs and genetic material.
- Peptide-membrane interaction, drug-membrane interaction.
- Fluorescent probes characterization.

- Electron paramagnetic resonance
- Optical absorption
- Steady state and time-resolved fluorescence
- Multi-angle static and dynamic light scattering
- Differential scanning calorimetry
- Viscosity, electric conductivity, electrophoretic mobility measurements.

  • Under-graduate:
  • - Introduction to Mechanics (Fis 1). Based on SCALE-UP methodology.
    - Introduction to electromagnetism (Fis 3 e 4)
    - Spectroscopic techniques in molecular biophysics
    - Physics to Pharmaceutical Sciences
    - Optics.

  • Post-graduate:
  • - Physical techniques applied to biological systems
    - Electron paramagnetic resonance in solution
    - Fluorescence spectroscopy: basic theory and applications in biomolecules
    - Elastic light scattering and X-ray scattering in biosystems: theory and experiments (main professors: Vera B. Henriques and Leandro R. S. Barbosa).
    - Introduction to dynamic light scattering: theory and experiments (main professor: Carla Goldman).